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The Misbehaving Robot!

A Short Story:

A few minutes past three in total silence, something started to twitch in the corner of the room. After a moment, all the LEDs lit up, and the robot came to life.

For a while, it looked around frantically, as if searching for something. It seemed unsure of what to do. It listened to the sleeping people, their quiet breathing.

Suddenly, it moved abruptly, gliding on its rubbery tracks from the room to the kitchen. After a while, horrifying sounds started emanating from there, as if the robot were sharpening multiple knives simultaneously. Just as suddenly as it had started, the racket ceased. However, it didn't wake the sleepers, but it was evident that it didn't leave them indifferent in their dreams.

Returning from the kitchen, the robot moved more slowly this time, as if sneaking. Behind the kitchen door, it revealed not another robot but a low stool. Behind the stool, a robot was carefully pushing it, taking care not to bump into anything.

This way, it approached the bed, where the unsuspecting people lay. However, at the last moment, it changed its trajectory and placed the stool almost against the wall. The robot's movements froze. Yet, you could hear its "thoughts" because its internals squeaked. The cat, sleeping at the foot of the bed, woke up. The cat almost jumped and quickly fled the room, knowing what was coming.

The robot fell silent. It took the stool in its grip and, balancing its weight, unsuccessfully attempted to climb onto it with its tracks. Of course, this caused an unbearable noise.

That was enough. The boundaries of sleep were breached, and the sleeping person woke up.

"What's happening?!" - they asked with a voice far too sleepy to be considered a complete sentence. However, this made the robot stop climbing the stool, turn its head, and in a squeaky, quiet voice, it began speaking rapidly:

"Because time just went back! And I need to adjust the clocks because they're running wrong! I wanted to climb and adjust that high clock because it didn't go back!!!"

"People, robot! Have you gone mad? It's nighttime!" - the person said.

"Yes, it's 2:07 AM, the second time today. But this clock doesn't account for it because it's in a different time zone, maybe, on this wall, time ticks differently..."

"Quiet!" - the person interrupted. - "The cursed time change," he muttered under his breath. "Every year, the same. Don't move until morning and do nothing."

"But this clock doesn't..." - the robot tried to say, pointing upward with its gripper, but the person interrupted again:

"And DON'T SAY A WORD! I don't care what time it is, or if something ticks differently against the wall."

The robot froze in silence, with its gripper raised, as if in a mute protest.

"Cursed robotization," the person grumbled, lying back in bed. "It was supposed to simplify life... Ugh. And lower that gripper..."

The robot followed the command and hung motionless. Silence and calm returned to the room, and after a while, you could hear that the people and the robots were asleep again.

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