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How to Support Me?

Support page :-)

You're probably wondering how to express your gratitude for my assistance/thoughts/enlightenment. I'm here to help you. Below are a few ways to say thank you, some more material than others :-)

Thank you in advance!

Here they are:

  • Recommend me to someone.
  • Thank me directly (by phone) or via email. You know my email because it's the same as my name, and if you don't, it's piotr dot lemiesz at pl
  • Send me crypto (ask me for my ETH wallet address).
  • Transfer money directly to my bank account: it's a cool and simple method, and below is the account number: mBank: 96 1140 2004 0000 3802 3277 2344
  • To my PayPal account: it's exactly like my email, and if you don't know it, I'll tell you that it's just like my name, which is piotr dot lemiesz at pl
  • By using one of the referrals below:
  • Revolut - ask me for a referral
  • Cyberfolks - PHP hosting + email
  • mBank - personal account
  • mBank - business account

Thank you very much!

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