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Time of Simplifying


Simplicity is a longing in a complex world. Lately, I've been simplifying my life to help navigate the intricate reality and its various challenges.

Exiting Social Media

One significant change I made was leaving social media platforms. This move streamlined the flow of information I couldn't process and allowed …

Why I Stopped Using Social Media?


Let's start with a definition.

It is an online medium, public (in terms of being accessible to groups of people), where, unlike owner-managed websites, people contribute to creating content.

Why It's a Problem in One Sentence

If something is free, you are the product.

A Slightly Longer Explanation

Historical …

Should We Fear AI?


End of the article :)

Now, more seriously.


Should we fear the Earth (as a planet)? Should we fear insects (as a whole)? The one-sentence answer is the same for all: "Yes."

However, this doesn't mean that AI, Earth, or insects aren't allies to both us as humans and …

My Adventures with Obsidian

My Experiments with Obsidian

Another experimental (in the sense of describing an experiment) post.

It's starting to resemble some kind of "experiment with the tribe" series. However, I share this so that others can compare their experiences with mine.

So, here we go!

The fate of my notes is an …

My Adventures with ESP32

Why ESP32?

At the recommendation and example of some smart individuals (thanks to Łukasz), I took a closer look at the ESP32. In short, it's a clever device that straddles the line between logic circuits and digital processors. Logic circuits need to be designed and then implemented, while processors are …

Internet Radio! How to Listen to Music?

As a self-proclaimed (he he) musician, I've always had an obsession with surrounding myself with music. My second self-proclaimed education (he he) in computer science has always merged with the first, resulting in some unexpected alliances. But let's start from the beginning.

In the beginning, there was the radio and …

The Blog is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

The blog is dead, long live the blog.

Once upon a time, I imagined that one could make a living from a blog. Write articles, place some ads, and just work like that. I didn't know about advertising partnerships or business models; I just liked the idea of a lifestyle …

The Art of Simplicity

The Art of Simplicity

A quote has stuck with me: "[...] the more complex reality becomes, the more we seek easy solutions." - Whitney Goodman in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza [,124059,28771850,przybylo-ludzi-ktorzy-uwazaja-ze-bycie-szczesliwym-to-ich.html]

For a long time, I've been searching for a theory of unification …

The Black and White Phone as a Way to Focus

TLDR: Change the settings of your iPhone or Android to enable the grayscale mode. Your phone will become slightly less stimulating, allowing your brain to concentrate better.

Longer Version: Ha, it's turning into a mini-series of "experimenting with technology." But I've been collecting these experiments for a long time, and …

How to Exercise Your Attention Using Instagram?

How to Exercise Your Attention Using Instagram?

TL;DR: Post photos daily as a morning ritual. Observe your surroundings attentively, capture moments, and post them on Instagram for yourself, not for others.

Longer Version :)

This is a story of two crises, many joyful moments, and practicing mindfulness. Long, long ago …

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