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Time of Simplifying


Simplicity is a longing in a complex world. Lately, I've been simplifying my life to help navigate the intricate reality and its various challenges.

Exiting Social Media

One significant change I made was leaving social media platforms. This move streamlined the flow of information I couldn't process and allowed me to regain control over my online interactions. It was a personal victory over algorithms.

Instagram for Visual Focus

I also used Instagram as a tool to enhance my visual awareness. Although I didn't document other changes, I made a few recently and would like to share them with you.

First Change: Deleting Instagram

I removed Instagram because I found myself losing to its algorithm, and my original goal of sharing observations was compromised. The Instagram web page stopped allowing me to upload photos, possibly a dark pattern to motivate app installation. I resisted and chose to delete my account.

However, to continue sharing photos, I created a small portfolio website. Using a simple generator, I imported and organized photos, resulting in, which houses my Instagram-imported and fresh photos.

Second Change: Exiting Facebook

I retained my Facebook account for rare content checks, but it hasn't been in active use recently. I also enforced screen time limits through Apple, making it physically challenging to access Facebook without additional steps.

Impact of Social Media

The absence of Instagram and reduced Facebook usage highlights how these platforms have intertwined themselves into our lives for both content dissemination and everyday use. For instance, some online articles embed Instagram photos that cannot be viewed, and my local community relies on Facebook as a distribution model for social journalism.

Transition to English

Another change I made was transitioning to the English language for communication. While I write this in Polish for convenience, I believe that translating my content with the help of tools like ChatGPT can expand my readership and adapt to the language of the future.

Leveraging Obsidian

Finally, I adopted Obsidian, a note-taking and task/project management tool, which has improved the organization and flow of my knowledge.


Simplifying and optimizing my workflow and tools incrementally makes tasks easier and encourages creativity. While not every approach will work universally, everyone has their unique workflow, motivation, and work methods. My journey toward simplification is a personal one, and if you're interested or want to understand more, feel free to use and reach out.

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