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The Blog is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

The blog is dead, long live the blog.

Once upon a time, I imagined that one could make a living from a blog. Write articles, place some ads, and just work like that. I didn't know about advertising partnerships or business models; I just liked the idea of a lifestyle where I could sit in front of a computer (of course) and "click on the computer," and somehow it would work. I always cheered for both big and small bloggers. I enjoyed diving into content created by authors, sometimes very exotic, and sometimes painfully pragmatic.

When I finally got my own internet domain, set up hosting, rolled up my sleeves, and started a blog.

Probably on WordPress.

And so it began: what should I write about to make the money roll in? I convinced myself, thanks to my studies and my first job - because those were the times - that inspiration and money would come. Later, life naturally verified that, and I also grew a bit. I left the blog as a place for my mind - to record observations, to practice writing. I simplified things technically as well.

The blog died.

Not just mine, but around the world. Blogging platforms closed down. The entire micro-creation moved to Facebook. There, you don't need to set up anything at all; just click in the window, and voilĂ .

Creation shifted to visual media, which don't require focus, craftsmanship, or technical tools, only large sums of money.

However, the blog is alive.

Yes, it turns out that text is still alive. I'm creating it right now. And the world, too, has come full circle and is slowly returning to the written form.

First of all, it never really died. Blogs still exist and provide RSS feeds.

Platforms exist, just on a different scale. The mass ones, as it turns out, are toxic to our psyche.

Video shortens our attention span and is tainted by money. Increasingly, technical conditions are simplified as well.

That's why I'm leaving this blog here, and I'll occasionally write something here.

So, my blog, and other blogs, haven't died, although they are somewhat lifeless. Remember, creation is an art. A damn difficult art!

...But one worth pursuing!

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