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"Every city is capable of implementing a free network."

Another (last) article from my list of interesting articles.

That sentence was the title of an article in Gazeta Wyborcza, I believe. There, an article was quoted, or more precisely, an interview with a man who provided free internet. He claimed that every city could implement free internet.

In fact, every internet provider could offer free internet! That's my comment. Since the infrastructure costs have already been incurred, it would be foolish not to provide such a marketing channel for free. Of course, security considerations and so on would need to be maintained. You could even identify people - invite them to the company's headquarters to get free internet and then use it for marketing purposes...

Nasty ideas even come to mind, such as providing these free users with cached versions of websites (even slightly outdated ones) or significantly limiting the resources they could access. However, this could make less fortunate or very poor people more digital, and in the end, they might become customers.

But is it possible for the government to provide free internet?

Hmm, a difficult question. It would be rather challenging to implement because what about people in digital gaps or in unprofitable areas? Where is the equality... However, I think a certain feasibility and fairness study could be considered...

Knowing the realities of digitization, even in government offices, what can we think about free internet for everyone? :-)

Although maybe when WiMAX becomes available... put up one transmitter for the whole city. :-)

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