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How I Became a Prosumer

What Does the Financial Grant Look Like?

Unfortunately, the financial grant is no longer available in the Kąty Wrocławskie municipality. The municipality used to subsidize 85% of the cost. The process of applying, waiting, and meeting the deadlines took approximately two years.

I installed a 4.5 kWp system, which should produce about 4.5 MWh in my conditions (120% of my consumption). The total cost, including the panels, inverter, cables, and installation, was estimated at 31,000 PLN.

So the grant amounted to 26,350 PLN.

In addition, there was a reduction in the green technology tax. It seems that in 2019, I could deduct 18% of the tax, which is 5,580 PLN. (When I was arranging this, this law did not exist.)

So the costs are: 31,000 - 26,350 - 5,580 = -930 A negative cost means a profit.

Yes, I'm starting with a profit of 930 PLN, but taking into account non-qualifying costs and my own labor, let's say I'm breaking even.

What About the Electricity Grant?

The electricity grant covers 120% of my electricity consumption.

An extra 20% is meant to offset the -20% taken by the energy company.

Theoretically, my electricity consumption will be 0 kWh (consumption should equal production -20%).

In practice, the law will surely come into play: if there is cheap electricity, it should be used :-)

So, in theory, with a consumption of 0 kWh, electricity will cost me 7 PLN per month (fixed costs), but in practice, I will describe it for sure.

In Conclusion

  • I'm at the beginning of my prosumer journey, so there are many lessons, observations, and reflections ahead.
  • It's likely that the installation could have been done cheaper than mine. The grant has made it a bit more expensive here.
  • The tax refund is a surprise; it made my installation essentially free.

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