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"Polish for dummies" ;-)

Lesson 1

Subject: Practical usage of polish language for beginners.

Yes, even you can learn polish language.


The first lesson is very easy. Only thing that you must learn at beginning is translation. Yes, translation, because polish language is only simple translation for English language, so if you already know polish words, translate it. Translate it, changing words in simplest way.

Now you know polish language. Isn’t my course effective? After first lesson you know polish.

But what if you don’t know any word?

For today is to much. Tomorrow will be final second lesson.

Lesson 2

Subject: Final solution.

Buy dictionary. English - Polish. Use it like it was said in lesson ONE.

! ! ! Learn languages ! ! !



w ramach komentarza: to taki mały żarcik

my comment: this is small joke about that how some kind of peoples think about learning language ;-)

© Piotr Lemiesz.