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The Perfect Virus.

Short Story:

We wanted to create the perfect virus. We wanted to achieve fame. However, what we created quickly surpassed us, slipped out of our control... At first, everything was going smoothly. We, a group of hackers, crafted a true work of art - a binary angel, an undetectable virus, a …

6 Ways to Make Your Shopping Experience Easier

Why Should You Enhance Your Shopping Experience?

Shopping – something some people love, while others despise. Sometimes, it becomes a family tradition, with hours spent in supermarkets.

Unfortunately, it turns out that if something is inexpensive somewhere, many people will flock there to buy, causing long lines at the cash registers …

Rss, well of happines.

What Is RSS?

Communication has always been a fundamental human need. It has evolved from simple gestures and verbal language to written words, print, and the internet.

In the early days, communication was very local, often limited to two people engaging in conversation. However, with the advent of the internet …

About Procrastination.

Procrastination: Not Just for Computer Geeks

Procrastination is not just a disease of computer geeks. It's a condition that affects society as a whole.

[If you're not familiar with procrastination - and even if you are - check out WIKIPEDIA for more information.]

This post is a response to this article, so …

"Every city is capable of implementing a free network."

Another (last) article from my list of interesting articles.

That sentence was the title of an article in Gazeta Wyborcza, I believe. There, an article was quoted, or more precisely, an interview with a man who provided free internet. He claimed that every city could implement free internet.

In fact …

The Misbehaving Robot!

A Short Story:

A few minutes past three in total silence, something started to twitch in the corner of the room. After a moment, all the LEDs lit up, and the robot came to life.

For a while, it looked around frantically, as if searching for something. It seemed unsure …

Today's Blog About Coffee

Difficult Beginnings: My First Unsuccessful Encounter with Coffee.

Long, long ago, when coffee was still regulated, and its taste stripped all possible flavors from your tongue, I was just a little tyke, the sort of kid who could even captivate cats. We set out on a visit to Auntie's.

As …

Wise Shepherd - The Tale of Controllers...

Wise Shepherd

Our little happy meadow.

Let's imagine that we have a sheep. It's a lovely and useful creature that happily grazes on any pasture and, in return, provides us with wool. Its only need is to eat.

Well, it may be happy, but unfortunately, it's not very savvy.

However …

A Short Post About Inefficient Processors.

Today, I will share an interesting tidbit with you. I learned about this during my studies, and it somewhat changed my perspective. Special thanks to Dr. Bogdan O.

But let's start from the beginning.


In the beginning, there was chaos... Okay, okay, I'm not exaggerating. So, in the beginning …

Political Mathematics

One day, during an interesting conversation with Grzegorz (greetings to him), I came to a thunderous discovery regarding politics. This idea revolved around treating beliefs and politics as mathematical values.

As you read, you will find that this short text is a somewhat bitter assessment of today's politics, stemming from …

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