About me

I'm IT generalist - complex IT problem solver from Wrocław, Poland 🇵🇱. I work as Head of IT in a medium-sized software (mainly e-commerce) and IT company.

I have a master's degree in Computer Science, with over 20 years of experience in "hard IT".

Working mainly using brain and knowledge with best support of computer tools.

What I'm doing

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    Internal IT

    I take care of: Systems: Linux, Windows, Macos. Applications: Attlasian JIRA, Confluence, Microsoft M365. Networking stack. Software development stack. Hardware: Data Center, AWS cloud, Azure Cloud.

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    IT Projects

    I take care of IT projects of various scale and complexity using project management tools and agile methodologies.

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    Communication and Management

    Onboarding, teaching, managing a team of IT managers and IT specialists. I am accountable to shareholders and the board.

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    Spare time

    My hobby is photography and stress reduction methods and tools.


  • Paweł Peryga

    Paweł Peryga

    I have been working with Piotr for the last 10 years. I have consistently been impressed with his professionalism, leadership skills, and dedication to providing excellent customer service. Piotr has a talent for inspiring his team to perform at their best, and he has a natural ability to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues alike. One of the things that I particularly appreciate about Piotr is his ability to handle difficult situations with grace and ease. He is a calm and collected presence even in the face of challenging customer inquiries, and he has an uncanny ability to find creative solutions to complex problems. His strongest skill is process thinking and ability to solve problems. He is always looking for ways to improve processes and systems, and he takes a proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential issues before they become problems. His commitment to continuous improvement is an inspiration to everyone around him.

  • Maciej Lemiesz

    Maciej Lemiesz

    Piotr comprehensively advises and manage our servers and software for the needs of our e-commerce projects (Magento) and information portals (WP). He is specific, reliable and timely, I definitely recommend him.
    (clarification from Piotr Lemiesz: Maciej is my brother, but we have also bussines relationship)

  • Ewa Jopek

    Ewa Jopek

    Piotr has been cooperating with me for years in the field of complete care of my website and full service in the field of security, updating, modernization and expansion. I am extremely grateful to him for his professional approach, I can always count on his help, support and advice. I know that I can turn to him with any problem regarding my website or mailbox. I am very pleased with the fruitful years of our cooperation, and I highly recommend his services. Peter is really great at what he does!

  • Łukasz Przybyłowicz

    Łukasz Przybyłowicz

    I have been working with Piotr for over 7 years, and the cooperation has always been very fruitful. His knowledge and experience go far beyond IT. This allows him to turn visions into concrete solutions, without being attached to specific tools that much. At the same time, Piotr has an in-depth knowledge of IT systems and the ability (or perhaps the necessity) to learn quickly. Thanks to this, he is not afraid of experimenting and remains flexible when solving problems. On the other hand, he has the ability to pass on the knowledge, so each meeting with him leaves you wiser.




  1. Head of IT

    2019 — Present

    I am responsible for the implementation of projects and the internal IT budget in front of shareholders and the management board. I manage a satisfied IT team (specialists and managers) with low turnover. I carried out effective IT projects (migration, legacy cleaning) within the assumed time and budget. I carried out IT infrastructure migration projects when moving offices. I led a project to adapt the IT infrastructure to the reality of the covid pandemic and support remote/hybrid work transition.

  2. Servicedesk Manager

    2015 — 2019

    I created a team of specialists maintaining the internal infrastructure and solving problems (based on agile methodologies and following the example of ITIL). I created operating procedures and high availability.

  3. Application Support Team Manager

    2012 — 2015

    I created a profitable customer support team for software provided by programmers measured by the amount of profit achieved by the team.

  4. Linux Administrator

    2007 — 2012

    I Gained Professional linux administrator skills by managing farm of physical and virtual servers (mainly debian). I have get a deep knowledge of the technology stack (www, http, HA, uptime) for web applications by supporting web development teams (java, php) measured by the number of tickets I resolved without errors.


  1. IT Technical Consulting - Self employment

    2018 — Present

    Solving complex IT problems

    IT Consulting: internet (www, e-commerce), computer networks, Linux

    IT Support (tools, service)

    SysOp, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Hard IT

  2. Linux/Hosting Administrator - Self employment

    2005 — Present

    I manage servers (linux, cloud, www, mail) and solve complex IT problems.


  1. Szczecin University of Technology

    2002 — 2007

    Master of Computer Science. Deep knowledge of technology and theory. Hardware, software, networking.

My skills

  • IT Problem solving
  • IT Management
  • IT Project management (agile)
  • Communication and cooperation


Contact Method

  1. Phone

    I use my phone for voice calls and SMS.

  2. Mail

    I use email for asynchronous and secure messaging.
    If you want to make sure that only I read the email, use gpg. You will find my gpg key on the keyservers and under the fingerprint icon (on the left panel). You can also use the method available in gpg "--auto-key-locate pka".
    The fingerprint of the key is F891 6B32 4EAD 79FD DB94 F2FA ED98 9D52 7D8E D547

  3. Whatsapp

    You can find me on my phone number

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    You can find me on my phone number

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